Enjoy these samples from a few of Patty Shortreed’s Calgary area performances.

Unlike performing for the actual exam, the recital was relaxed; Patty had a lot of fun bantering with the audience between song selections. Watch the video to discover more about the exam, the challenges of the pieces to be performed for the exam, and how to prepare for a Royal Conservatory exam. Accompanist Ron Bennie.

If you’d like to hear a specific song, look below for the time stamp or click here to view the video on YouTube and use the interactive time stamp links. On the YouTube page, below the video, click the “Show More” heading to view the song list and interactive time stamps.

Pieces Performed

  1. Cheerily Carols the Lark – Arthur Sullivan – 37:47 to 39:12
  2. Quella fiamma – Francesco Bartolomeo Conti – 5:56 to 9:50
  3. Apres un Reve – Gabriel Faure – 11:51 to 14:20
  4. Fruhlingsmorgan – Gustav Mahler – 15:30 to 17:42
  5. Love Went a-Riding – Frank Bridge – 18:25 to 20:27
  6. But Not for Me – George and Ira Gershwin –21:30 to 23:52
  7. Vocalise in A major – Heinrich Panofka – 25:50 to 27:58
  8. Vocalise in D minor – Francesco Lamperti – 28:32 to 31:16
  9. Ah scostati – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – 32:47 to 34:12
  10. Cheerily Carols the Lark – Arthur Sullivan – 37:47 to 39:12

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