Virtual Music Lessons: Learn to Sing or Play the Piano from a Safe Social Distance

Discover how fun, easy, and effective it is to learn to sing or play the piano during live video lessons with your Calgary-based piano and singing teacher, Patty Shortreed. Enjoy your private piano lessons or singing lessons in the comfort, safety, and convenience of your own home! It’s the perfect way to build your musical skills while you social-distance.

If you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano or sing but never had the time – now is the perfect time to get started.

“Patty has made it easy to continue my piano lessons in a virtual setting. Using our tablets and smart phones we haven’t missed a beat. I enjoy the virtual lessons more than I imagined. There are a lot of advantages. I especially like that we can both work off our own keyboards during the lesson. Thanks Patty!”

~ Steve

Near or far, whether you’re in Calgary, Kelowna, Edmonton, or beyond, if you are ready for virtual singing or piano lessons, Patty is ready to help to reach your musical dreams.

Getting Started is Easy – What You’ll Need

  • An internet connection
  • FaceTime or a free Zoom account (two easy-to-use online meeting tools)
  • A smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer
  • A piano or keyboard (if you are taking piano lessons)

Contact Patty to schedule your first lesson and firm up whether you want to use FaceTime or Zoom. Learn more about our piano lessons and singing lessons.

Before your first lesson, decide how you want to setup your device(s) so you are on camera and comfortable for your lesson.

For singing lessons, you could sit at your computer or, if you prefer to stand during your lesson, put your tablet or smart phone on a music stand so you can stand in front of your device and have your music handy.

For piano lessons, you may want to use two devices – a smart phone to record your hands while you are playing and a tablet or laptop so you can watch Patty.

Here are examples from two of our piano lesson students.

At lesson time, Patty will contact you through Facetime or Zoom and your lesson will begin.

Save travel-time and learn from the comfort of your own home. After the requirement for social-isolation ends, you may continue your lessons virtually or go to Patty’s home in Calgary for in-person singing lessons or piano lessons – whichever you prefer.

If the fun and convenience of private music lessons from home aren’t enough, recent research shows that playing music can help your brain more than any other activity. That’s right – you can boost your long-term memory and brain function while having fun! Read more here

Learn from a music teacher who knows how to advance your skills in a safe and accepting environment.

Contact Patty today to learn more and to get started.