Voice and Piano Student Reviews

Singer Broke Through Seemingly Impossible Barriers to Exceed His Own Expectations

“I had the incredible privilege of working with Patty as my vocal coach, and words cannot express how grateful I am for her guidance. Her patience, dedication, and unwavering support helped me to explore the full potential of my voice. With her exceptional skills and personalized approach, Patty helped me break through barriers with my voice that I never thought were possible. She created a warm and nurturing environment where I felt safe to learn and grow. Her talent as a vocal coach is truly exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend Patty to anyone seeking to unlock their true vocal potential!”
~ JB, Calgary

Singer-Songwriter Improves Skills Leading to Launch of First Album

“I owe a huge thanks to Patty for helping me learn how to sing. When I first contacted Patty I was a total beginner but Patty was patient and worked with me to develop my voice. After working with Patty I had the proper tools to record some songs I had been working on and I was able to achieve my original goal of doing these songs justice by being able to sing correctly on them. Achieving that goal was huge for me and has given me a lot of confidence going forward as a musician.”
~ Kelly A, Musician, Calgary

Dream Comes True

“You are a great teacher and I love what you teach me. You have helped me and made me feel challenged, but safe and happy when working with you. I really appreciate that.”
~ Tracy B, Calgary (See Tracy, a Cool Choir member, perform her solo at Cool Choir’s big 2018 concert.)

Teen Entertains Large Audience with Ease and Confidence

“Patty’s understanding of the voice and excellent resources and recommendations helped prepare my young daughter to perform for an audience of over 300. She was confident and well-prepared, and we’re incredibly grateful for Patty’s help!”
~ Mia P., Regina

Voice Coaching Helps Launch New Profession

“As a Wedding Celebrant/Officiant in training, the Celebrant Foundation & Institute requested I hire a voice coach to evaluate and enhance my presentation skills while performing ceremonies.

“I was delighted to see Patty Shortreed’s name on the preferred vendor list, as we connected through an association we both belonged to years earlier. I have always known Patty to be the ultimate professional, while upholding honesty and integrity in everything she did.

“During my evaluation Patty was very honest and helpful in her observations. The coaching I received during our sessions was extremely inspirational and encouraging. She also gave me many tools and tips to excel in my new profession!

“Patty, thank you for being my extraordinary mentor and coach!”

~ Cathy Yost, Love Speaks Celebrant, Calgary

Confident Singer Inspires Her Audience

“Now people come up after shows and actually tell me they enjoy my singing… something that never happened before. Even if it had, I would not have been able to accept their positive comments. Now I can. Whether comments are positive or negative, I feel confident.”
~ Kathy Cook, Singer Songwriter, Magnolia Buckskin

University Student Shines with Confidence

“You probably don’t realize it, but you truly are an inspiration to all that you teach! The amount I learned from you in this short time is 100 times more than I could have ever hoped for. I honestly cannot thank you enough for your coaching these past few months! Not only do I feel more comfortable singing around people, your coaching gave my confidence a big boost in my presentation skills as well.”
~ Kaitlin R, student, Mount Royal University

“You Were Just What I Needed”

“You have done three wonderful things for me: I had run into a barrier for some reason with my singing and you helped me surmount that; you gave me lots of good suggestions for warming up and practicing and technique; you showed me how to get started learning about chords which leads to harmonies. For all of this, I am very, very grateful. You have showed me the way to learn many things. I intend to continue working on them. You were just what I needed!”
~ Joanne O., Calgary

Busy Mum with a Stunning Voice Looks Forward to her First Performance

“Words can’t express how you have impacted my life. I look forward to our lessons every week and leave inspired and excited. Thank you for your confidence in me and for instilling a real sense of excitement in singing in me! You’re the best!”
~ Judy Renneberg, Calgary

Singing Lessons Help a Creative Leader Incorporate Music into Meeting Messages

“Thank you so much for your support and guidance in preparing for my term as Rotary President. You have been a huge help!”
~ Tim Heaton, Calgary

Voice Lessons Help Singer Express Her Spiritual Praises

“I enrolled for singing lessons just with a curious attitude to develop my voice but the amazing transformation that you brought to me through your training is outstanding.

“Your love, sincerity and dedication to music has inspired me a lot and also helped me to understand the finer details in music. The vocal techniques have also helped me to sing with confidence and improve a lot today. You have actually remoulded me to a better singer than I was before joining your course.

“Hats off to you, Patty for all the love and support you have given me throughout the amazing learning experience. I am grateful to God for having blessed me with this wonderful association that I would treasure forever in my life.”
~ Amritha, Aspiring Singer and Mother of two

Professional Singer with over 20 Years of Experience Amazed at Her Results

“I have just finished a 2-month series of vocal lessons with Patty. I have to say that she not only knows her stuff 100%, she has a huge talent of knowing you very well, in the sense of just what the individual needs! I was so very impressed with her from the very first lesson. I’ve been singing for years and have had really good lessons from a professor who sang at the Met, back in the day. I have a pretty good vocal instrument and ear, so I am not just impressed very easily with the experience I have…

“… She takes you all through your body from head to toe and back up again, she will explain things that you would not think have anything to do with your vocal chords…

“[My results]… Stronger voice, better understanding of all connected to my voice, better quality, more confidence, less nerves!!…

“…Patty, I can’t thank you enough, there are no words, you give so much of yourself and really put yourself in the other person’s shoes with all your heart! Your attention to the smallest detail is out of this world! Thank you again,”
~ Deanna, Calgary

Shy Teen Transforms for Leading Role in School Musical “Hairspray”

“Dear Patty – thank you for your mentorship to “Corny”. It’s been a wonderful journey for him … he enjoyed performing and he will always fondly remember his experience!”
~ Jan and Andy “Corny Collins” Terkzakian, Calgary

Cindy Klassen Finds Joy in Singing Lessons

“I want you to know that I loved the time I got to spend with you during our lessons. Obviously, you are extremely talented, but I am so impressed with what an incredible teacher you are! You definitely have a gift to inspire, encourage and instruct in a manner that brings out the best in people.

“So, thank you for taking the time to teach me and to instill more courage in me with regards to singing. I find so much joy in singing, and it was really special for me to finally take lessons and with a great instructor. Thank you very much!”
~ Cindy Klassen, 6-Time Olympic Medallist

Surprised by Her Progress

“It has been a truly lovely experience learning to sing with you. I can’t believe how much I’ve improved and I hope it’s something fun I continue to do.”
~ Sherene, Alaska Art Colony

Voice Coaching Opened Up More Than Her Singing Voice

“I really appreciated our talk yesterday. The butterfly analogy REALLY resonated with me. I woke up this morning with a calmness that I haven’t felt in a while, just knowing that things will work out in the end. If I didn’t find you for voice lessons, then I found you for life lessons and the Universe brought me to you.”
~ Kathy Trinh Le, Television Host and News Reporter, Calgary

Singing Opened Her Heart and Increased Her Self-Confidence

“Thank you for your coaching. I’m glad we had the chance to meet. I was nervous and scared to try singing lessons, however once we met you helped me believe in myself and overcome my fear. You helped me open up my heart to a new hobby.”
~ Amy Jongeling, Health and Safety Administrator

Lessons Learned Through Singing Are Benefiting Other Areas of Life

“You were such a blessing to me!! I enjoyed your energy and humour during my voice lessons, and those deep talks were very healing to me; you taught me to change the way I view ‘problems’ and instead of dwelling on them, to let them go.”
~ Leanne MacDonald, Calgary

Singing Delivers Wonderful Surprises

“I decided to take the lessons with you when I was in a good place in my life, compared to where I had been, where I felt I could be brave enough, confident enough to sing without all the criticism and judging myself of the past. It was an amazing journey, sometimes challenging and boy did my fears surface! You showed me such compassion while you encouraged and nudged me forward. Little did I know what I thought was such a good place in my life could bloom into something even bigger! I credit the work we did together in big ways with all these amazing steps I have bravely taken in this last year.

“I’m still singing in the shower, in the car, in my hotel rooms, whenever it strikes my fancy! And it feels good. Sometimes when I’m singing I catch myself feeling really alive, divine, and blissful. I smile, no, grin from ear to ear and I think of you, and I remember the magnitude of my gratitude for you and our sessions together. I hold a very special place in my heart for you.”
~ Jacqueline Auvigne, flight attendant, WestJet Airlines, Calgary, Alberta

Choir Member Enjoys Her New Singing Abilities

“Your enthusiasm for singing and for life made my sessions with you especially enjoyable. And, I learned lots of new techniques to improve my singing that I will continue to practice. Warm wishes.”
~ Janice Ingram, Calgary, Alberta

Thrilled to Be Singing Better Than She Ever Dreamed Possible

“WOW! You’re a great voice coach! You created a safe space for me to experiment with my singing so I could relax and have fun. I was amazed at how quickly you figured out simple things that I could do differently to sound better. Your suggestions were so easy to do. From the first session I was having more fun singing than I ever imagined possible.”
~ Krista Rosemary, Business Owner

Spunky Mum of Two Uplifted by Pursuing Her Passions

“Thanks a million for always being such a phenomenal coach and mentor – it has meant the world to me!”
~ Andrea Beenham, singer/songwriter, real estate investor, and world traveler, Bakersfield, California

Seasoned Musician Improves Performances

“Working with Patty has been a wonderful experience. I have benefited tremendously, not only by having her as my voice and piano coach, but also from her experience in stage and studio performance. She really shows an intimate knowledge of her craft, while moving through each session with an infectiously positive attitude.”
~ Craig Blakney, Project Director, Suite! Digital Productions www.suitedigitalproductions.com

Actor Gains Confidence: Expands Skill Set on Headsheet

“Thank you so much for the complementary session. It was enlightening, inspiring and fun. That 1 hour with you released the shackles of judgement I had about my singing voice! Now I need to decide what’s next?! I’ve already recommended you on the movie set of “Hell on Wheels”. I’ll be back.”
~ Tom Lawrence, Actor, Calgary

Retiree Proves It’s Never Too Late To Learn How To Sing

“Many thanks to you Patty for believing in me, and having the patience to look for and recognize the abilities that could be worked on, and encouraging me to honour myself and my voice. You were able to find that little speck of gold dust in the chunk of ore and make it shine! I am continuing with the exercises you gave me and am enjoying steady improvement.”
~ Veronica Everton-Williams, Calgary

Discovered How to Powerfully Connect with Her Audience

“Thanks so much Patty for your teaching and guidance and support. I learned very helpful tools and techniques from you, and I am incorporating your helpful suggestions for areas to be aware of in my posture and breathing.”
~ Wendy Clark – Life-Cycle Celebrant ®

Singing Lessons Help High School Student Come Out Of Her Shell

“The world is filled with treasures and you are truly one of them. You have helped our daughter tremendously and we can’t thank you enough. Kind of like the caterpillar and the butterfly, a transformation that is absolutely astonishing. With your expertise, love and guidance, you are certainly showing her how to truly, “Claim her Voice”.
~ Lani Donaldson and Brian McCullough

Patience, Kindness, and Encouragement

“Thank you for all you’ve done. I’m so glad I chose you as my coach. You have been patient, kind and encouraging throughout all our lessons. I will continue to work on the all the wonderful things you’ve taught me and I’m sure I’ll be reaching out to you again in the future!”
~ Melanie D., Calgary

Gifted 6th Grader is a Talented Musician and Gymnast

“Thank you so much for helping me with my singing and for all the fun times.”
~ Cat, Calgary

I Can Do Anything

“When I give myself permission I can do anything.”
~ Colleen DeCrescentis

Reaching My Goals

“Patty is extremely good at connecting with people and helping guide them towards their goal.”
~ Dean Brumwell

I Trust My Voice

“I realized my heart’s desire. I learned to trust my voice.”
~ Trish Barr-Mendis

Sang Solo!

“I connected with the power of my voice, discovering inner strength. I can hardly believe I sang solo!”
~ Mary Campbell

Opening Up to Joy

“Realizing that years of layered fear about my singing voice were groundless. I’ve been afraid of my own joy, my own power.”
~ Chris Duggan

Zeroed In On My Needs

“Patty is honest, open and compassionate, able to get right to the source of an idea.”
~ Suzanne Aucoin, Workshop Organizer


“Thanks you so much for your spirit, your courage, and your shining example.”
~ Tracey Tapp, Macon, Georgia

On Track to Reach Goals

“Excellent! I now have a plan of action. I know where I want to be and the steps to achieve it.”
~ Jean Clayton, Oil Company Administrator


“I started out feeling helpless. Now I’m feeling powerful. No stopping me now!”
~ Gloria Foreman, Workshop Participant

Singing is now Fun and Liberating

“You have allowed me to walk through what was once a closed door. To actually be singing is so amazingly fun and liberating!! It brings tears to my eyes to be doing what I have wanted to do for many, many years.”
~ Terry Harpur, Personal Coach

Performance Reviews

Using the Gift of Song to Contribute to a Worthy Cause

“Patty Shortreed is a volunteer member of our organization, the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society. When the call went out to our membership to find ways to fundraise, Patty stepped up and initiated a benefit performance entitled “For the Love of Wildlife”. She brought together her passion for wildlife and music to help make a difference in the Calgary community. Together we were thrilled to raise over $4,600 for the animals.”
~ Garry Nielsen, President,
Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

Touched Us Deeply

“Patty sings from the deepest part of her soul. She touched us all deeply. She lives and speaks “from her truth”. I recommend her music to all.”
~ Rev Eleanor Richard, Center for Spiritual Growth, Mount Shasta, California


“Patty dazzled our audience of entrepreneurs with her powerful multimedia message of humour, insight and wisdom.”
~ Keith Hanna, Founder, Venture Guiding

A Must See and Hear

“Patty’s voice goes beyond the song. She sings and speaks of the joy and power of expressing ourselves. She models it. She encourages it. She lives it. Patty brings a full meal deal with her stories, fun and inspiration. She’s a must see and hear.”
~ Patricia Morgan, Speaker, Author and Counselor

Beautiful Storytelling Through Song

“Thank you so much, again, for inviting us to your Spring Recital. For many years: we have had the pleasure of enjoying your gifted talents. I have always loved your beautiful voice and your expressive style of storytelling through your songs. Through your teaching, you have passed this skill to your students. With your guidance and their abilities they will go far. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Wishing you continued success.”
~ Barb and Geoff

Inspired Us

“Your music and stories were fun, humorous, insightful and had a significant impact on the audience as evidenced by their generous donations. You are a talented and caring woman committed to creating a better world.”
~ Bernie Gribben, Fund Development Chair, Calgary Habitat for Humanity


“Patty is an inspiring, empowering, and powerful speaker.”
~ Lynda Young, Air Canada

Inspired Hope

“Patty’s performance was a memorable experience for everyone in attendance. Her warmth, words and voice touched and moved each one of us. There was something in Patty’s music for everyone; an inspirational message, a smile or some new hope to take away with us as a reminder that we are special.”
~ Donna Williams, Alberta Provincial PEO Convention, Calgary

Audience Comments

“So magnificent!!!”


“Super Show”

“Great performance”

“Fantastic! A great inspiration!”

“Wonderful voice!”

“Love your passion”

“Now that’s music!”

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