Public Speaking Coach for Ceremonial Officiants in Greater Calgary

As the officiant at weddings and other milestone family events, you set the tone for these momentous occasions. Discover how you can transform a ceremony from a collection of spoken words into a heartfelt experience for all in attendance.

In one to three 50-minute coaching sessions, Calgary-based public speaking and presentation coach Patty Shortreed will show you, step-by-step, how to use your posture, breathing, diaphragm, presence, and inner intention to create a beautiful experience for everyone involved.

You will learn how to

  • Be yourself as you confidently lead a ceremony from your sincere opening through your whole-hearted closing.
  • Use your physiology to comfortably project your voice throughout a ceremony.
  • Stand appropriately with a binder so you can refer to your notes without looking or feeling awkward
  • Set a powerful intention for the ceremony that helps to transform your audience.
  • Develop your presence; presence is often as much or more important than what is said.

During each coaching session in Patty’s Calgary studio, you will receive specific, actionable feedback on both the “outer” and “inner” elements of your presentation. You’ll experience “Ah ha” moments as you adjust your posture, learn how to use your diaphragm correctly, clarify your intention, and much more.

Effective public speaking and presentation skills are essential in your role as a ceremonial officiant. Patty makes it easy to create the kind of memorable occasions that inspired you to become a ceremonial officiant.

Officiant School Students: Patty is a recommended coach for several officiant schools including The Celebrant Foundation and Institute.

Whether you’re excited to officiate at a loved one’s wedding or are starting a new career as an officiant, Patty can help you develop the skills to create beautiful events that attendees will cherish.

Contact Patty today to learn more about our coaching services for officiants and to get started.

“During my evaluation Patty was very honest and helpful in her observations. The coaching I received during our sessions was extremely inspirational and encouraging. She also gave me many tools and tips to excel in my new profession!”

~ Cathy more