Coaching for Public Speakers and Presenters

Has the thought of public speaking, or just speaking up, ever driven you to regret turning down a wonderful opportunity? For many, anxiety, procrastination, and ironically, feeling speechless, can quickly set in. Or, when you do speak, do you regret what you said?

Say good-bye to worry, regret, and stammering when you speak publicly.

Speak Up and Say Yes to Your Life

  • Prepare for career advancement
  • Launch a new career
  • Step up to bigger sales opportunities
  • Emcee an event
  • Speak at a wedding, funeral, or other event
  • Record online videos
  • Teach classes or workshops
  • Give a presentation
  • Run for elected office
  • Contribute at company or board meetings

Whether you have a presentation to deliver, are starting a new venture, or are simply ready to speak up in life, rest assured, you have what it takes to easily and effectively deliver your message.

Public speaking coaching sessions can help you

  • Speak with confidence to groups of any size
  • Prepare a compelling presentation with ease
  • Practice effectively
  • Inspire your audience to take action
  • Channel the energy of your excitement so that it works for you instead of against you
  • Project your voice and speak at length – free from strain, cracking, and fatigue

Your public speaking coaching sessions will be tailored to meet your goals. You’ll work on the “inner” elements of developing your message as well as the “outer” physical elements. You’ll gain the clarity and have the tools to develop and deliver your message. You’ll experience first-hand how to use your posture, breathing, and other physical elements to add powerful impact to your message.

The pressure of public speaking is frequently compounded when you know that others are counting on you to “knock it out of the ballpark”. Your boss, your family, or your supporters may be depending on you. It doesn’t matter how much or how little experience you have. You have what it takes to step up and deliver an effective presentation.

Contact Patty today to talk about your upcoming presentation and public speaking goals.

“Thanks a million for always being such a phenomenal coach and mentor – it has meant the world to me!”

~ Andrea Beenham