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Music Resources for Young Children in Calgary

Looking for music programs for young children in Calgary? There are several expert resources in Calgary. Find more Calgary music resources by searching online for “music children Calgary”.

Music Therapy

Music has a powerful effect on our mood and behaviour. Studies indicate that music therapy can improve mobility, memory and language. It is also used to decrease signs and feelings of depression, boost overall mood, reduce the perception of pain and restore overall health. Music therapists design specific programs for individuals coping with brain injury, mental health issues, learning challenges, dementia, palliative care, long-term care as well as youth at risk.

JB Music Therapy combines the knowledge of the therapeutic use of music with best care practices; providing expert information and meaningful services that contribute to health, wellness and learning. Learn more at

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“He who breathes well can sing well.”

~ Giovanni Battista Lamperti (19th century Italian teacher)