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How To's of Singing

How to Determine if You Are Tone Deaf
How to Make your Practice More Effective
Melisma: The Art of Singing on One Syllable
Minimizing Vocal Fatigue


Musical Tools and Apps

Acappella - an app that enables singers to create acapella videos. (Download to your mobile device.) - choral parts for popular classical music for practice in parts or combined SATB for purchase or online use. - download PDF’s of popular classical sheet music for various instruments.
iRig Mic Cast - a small recording device for iPhone or iPad. Available in stores and online including at Amazon. - sheet music site with flexibility to transpose. - online karaoke to listen or record.
Singstar: music video game for PlayStation which tests pitch and rhythm accuracy in competitive or duet experiences.
Smule - karaoke singing app for singles or duets. (Download to your mobile device.)
Benefits of Singing and Music Education
Choir of Alzheimer's Patients Sings Tunes from Memory
Does Music Education Impact Other Abilities?
Singing for Lung Health (video)
The Benefits of Music Education
Thoughts on Music-Making and Education
Singing & Brain Health
Finally – something fun that’s healthy for your brain!
  Music benefits your brain
Discover amazing benefits
of playing or listening to music.

Interesting Research Findings Related to Singing

Singing Tips: Have a Certain Skull Shape, and Other Science Behind Carrying a Tune
TED Talks: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – Educational resources for the voice. This information database about singing and the science of voice features audio, video and text resources from leading experts around the world.
Understanding Mouth Anatomy: Tips for Singers
Why Are Opera Singers Hard to Understand?

#1 Stress Reducing Song: Weightless by Marconi Union
Neuroscience says listening to this song reduces stress by up to 65 percent.


Here are the techniques and exercises you'll learn during your vocal lessons. Once familiar with them, you can use the handy one-page Vocal Daily Exercises to practice at home. Laminate a copy for the shower!!☺

Vocal Warmup Notes
Vocal Daily Exercises

See the Larynx in Action
Watch this interesting video of an actual larynx.

  Diaphragm During Respiration
3D view of diaphragm with explanation.

No matter what style of music you want to explore, these video clips present some of the ideas we will explore to help you become a better singer.

Masters of the Craft
Listen and watch as renowned sopranos Renee Fleming and Kiri Te Kanawa coach their students.

Renee Fleming
Interpretation tips,
what is support 4:00.
  Kiri Te Kanewa
Simple approaches,
smile into the sound,
being fit.
Consider Joining A Choir
Learning to sing with confidence can be greatly enhanced when you apply what you're learning to a specific goal. Some clients find that joining a choir gives them the focus they need to apply what they're learning in their private lessons. There are many wonderful choral groups in Calgary. Google “choirs in Calgary” to find a choir that fits your needs.
Music Resources for Young Children in Calgary
Looking for music programs for young children in Calgary? There are several expert resources in Calgary. Find more Calgary music resources by searching online for "music children Calgary".
Cantare Children's Choir,, 403-685-1132
Mount Royal Conservatory,
Music for Young Children,
Youth Singers,
University of Alberta Develops Revolutionary Voice Technique
Vibrant Voices
David Ley, Professor of Drama, University of Alberta, identifies how he developed a revolutionary voice technique using a small hand-held vibrator applied to specific points on the head and neck to reduce tension associated with vocal stress.
Music Therapy
Music has a powerful effect on our mood and behaviour. Studies indicate that music therapy can improve mobility, memory and language. It is also used to decrease signs and feelings of depression, boost overall mood, reduce the perception of pain and restore overall health. Music therapists design specific programs for individuals coping with brain injury, mental health issues, learning challenges, dementia, palliative care, long-term care as well as youth at risk.

JB Music Therapy combines the knowledge of the therapeutic use of music with best care practices; providing expert information and meaningful services that contribute to health, wellness and learning. Learn more at

Text Neck
“Text neck”, a new condition caused by repeated periods of looking down at your smart phone, can cause neck issues and impair singing. The head forward and down position prevents your voice from working efficiently, mechanically, and acoustically. Watch this short video to learn more about “text neck” and how to enjoy your smart phone without the risk of neck issues.
Business Resources
Useful business services from companies we trust.
All Tasks Services - Bookkeeping and administrative support for small business in Calgary - Dawn Ross, Owner
New Tech Web - Website design, creation, maintenance and hosting
Prospera Chartered Accountants - Harry Taylor and his team provide a long-lasting difference in the financial success of their clients

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