These are some of Patty’s favourite videos that are fun and inspiring – click through when you need a lift.

Remembrance Day
A moving performance in the mountains.
  A Tribute to Calgary Winters
Variation of Carmina Burana - O Fortuna by Carl Orff
  The Happy Birthday Song
As Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Bach, and Mozart might play it.
Can You Whistle?
Mozart’s Queen of the Night Aria as you’ve never heard it. Read more
  Operatic Flash Mob
Grocery shoppers get a musical surprise.
  Anna-Maria Sings Two Notes
at Once
Amazing voice technique performed with perfect control.
Musical Marble Machine
Listen as 2,000 marbles create delightful music.
  Crankin'' Up the 3-String Shovel Guitar!
Amazing. Who knew a shovel could sound so good.
  TV Commercial Spoof
Spoof on British Airways television commercial
Bluejay: The Mind of a Child Prodigy – Jay Greenburg   Carrot Clarinet
Astounding! Gives new meaning to "playing with your food".
  Rex Lewis-Clack
17 year old blind musical savant.
Extraordinary Instrument   Sounds of Rain and Thunder
No music involved - just hands and feet. Performed by German choral group Perpetuum Jazzile
  Ambassadors of Harmony
2009 Barbershop Champions
Musical Expression Unleashed
She may be tiny but her musical
expression isn't.
  Sounds Like a Band
Talented guitarist sings, plays strings, and percussion.
  Meet The Dreamer
Hear the remarkable, moving story and voice of Thomas Quasthoff.
Nora performs a Cat-certo
Piano-playing cat plays with an orchestra.
  Andrew Rieu
I Will Follow Him goes unexpectedly upbeat.
  Dog with Perfect Pitch
Watch this amazing dog perfectly identify every note.
Funniest Classical Orchestra Ever…
Refreshing and light-hearted sense of humor.
  What If You Were Good Enough?
By Barbara McAfee
  Lunchtime Surprise
See their faces when opera breaks out in a school lunch.
Creativity Joins Community
Five people simultaneously play one guitar
  A One-Man Quartet
See him sing all 4 parts!

Typewriter Symphony
An unlikely instrument makes its debut.

MRI of Vocalizations
See the 100+ muscles at work when performer sings. Read more
  Silent Monks Singing Halleluiah
Creative performance of Halleluiah chorus like you’ve never seen.

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