Bring the Joy of Music into Your Life

Whether you are looking for a voice teacher or piano teacher in the Calgary, Alberta area or looking for a performer for your conference or special event, all it takes is a simple phone call to bring the joy of music into your life.

Voice lessons, piano lessons, workshops, presentations, coaching or consulting will be tailored to meet your needs. Patty Shortreed works one-to-one with every client to reach their goals.

Local/Calgary: 403-229-9321
Address: 1219 12th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3C 3W9

Claim Your Voice: Express Your Ideas with Confidence
If you've ever felt afraid of voicing your ideas or opinions you are not alone. Discover how Patty Shortreed has helped hundreds of leaders, business managers, and "every day" folks become confident expressing themselves.

Patty Shortreed MSOD
1219 12 Street SW, Calgary AB CANADA T3C 3W9

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