Make Your Musical Dreams Come True

If you've always wanted to enjoy singing you're in the right place. You've found a Calgary voice coach who makes learning fun, is passionate about musical expression and is committed to helping you reach your musical goals. Patty helps musically-minded people have fun and feel good about singing. Patty is specially trained in adult learning techniques - which means you will learn more quickly and retain more!

Now You Can Enjoy Singing

You'll have more fun singing as you improve your singing voice, gain singing skills and boost your confidence in your voice. What's even more exciting is how these gains can positively impact other areas of your life. Clients frequently report that their confidence and ability to communicate easily improves in other areas of their life – at work, at home, in difficult situations, etc.

Patty's clients come from a wide range of interests and experience:
Singers interested in improving their voice with weekly singing lessons
People interested in overcoming shyness, building confidence and self-esteem through singing
Band members who want to become a lead or backup singer
People interested in singing as a means of self-expression
Actors, dancers, and speakers who desire to improve their voice or expand their musical abilities
Singers preparing for auditions (college, choral, musical theatre)
Singers rehearsing for festivals, contests, or recording sessions
Singers preparing for a recital, wedding, or special family occasion
Musicians who lead church worship
Families who want to have a great time singing together

Whether you are a professional, amateur or a rank beginner, you will benefit from the coaching and support that Patty provides. You can expect clear, constructive lessons, customized to your personal needs, given in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

What to Expect
Beginners: You'll learn how to sing on pitch and how to project your voice. As your sound quality improves so will your confidence. Expect singing shyness to diminish and enjoyment to increase.
Intermediate: You'll create a better, more pleasing sound and tone. Your confidence will increase and so will your enjoyment.
Advanced: You'll learn how to perform on stage, including how to establish stage presence. This means expressing what's in your heart through your voice.
Professional: gain valuable coaching and feedback on your performance and stage presence. How to be compelling and heartfelt so your music goes beyond entertaining and emotionally moves your audience.

At every level, you'll learn how to relax, tap in, and let go - this is what makes performing fun, entertaining and moving. Hitting the right notes is a good first step but it takes more than that to connect with the music and your audience. The magic of music starts here – for you, the performer, and your listener. Be prepared to experience true joy.

  Singing lessons, voice coaching, Calgary.
  Tapping into the best qualities
of each person's voice.

Ages: Adults and high school seniors. (We can recommend teachers for children.)


Selecting Your Music
Select three to five songs per season that feel comfortable and inspire you. This will make the process of learning them more enjoyable. You can maximize your session time by bringing your music with you to every singing lesson.

Bring a journal or notebook to record the results of your singing lessons. You will receive homework and suggestions on what to focus on. You are welcome to bring a tape recorder and blank cassette or other recording device so you can replay your singing lesson back at home.


Appointment times vary from 45 – 60 minutes and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to suit your objectives, availability, and budget. Sessions are available noon to 8pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays year round (with short breaks at Christmas, Easter, and summer).


Fees are based on the number of singing lessons you commit to. Please call for more information about current rates and packages at 403-229-9321. Completing a commitment to yourself can be challenging in many ways: life happens, being busy, feeling scared or frustrated. The urge to quit can sometimes seem overwhelming. You can count on me to support you in completing your initial commitment to yourself, to help you move through the fears (and subconscious delay tactics) that arise so you can achieve the results you desire. For this reason it is my policy that, once committed to a term of lessons, fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please give this careful consideration before hiring me. I am here to help you fulfill your musical dreams.

What If I’m Tone Deaf?
Singing is a combination of two functions:
The ability to hear the sound
The ability to produce the sound

Being able to do both allows you to sing on pitch. Many people who come to me would say they are tone deaf. However, within a few minutes of assessing their voice, what I typically find is that they are able to hear whether their voice and a note played on the piano match. What is challenging is being able to sing that note back to me accurately. This tells me that their basic instrument, their ear, is fine. They just haven’t discovered how to produce that matching sound. This is the easier of the two functions to remedy. Click here for simple steps to develop your ability to match pitch.

Give the Gift of Music

Do you know someone who would enjoy singing lessons or who would appreciate a little boost in expressing themselves? Whether it’s for a special occasion (anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Mothers/Fathers day) or simply to support them in a new experience, we'll work with you to create a custom gift certificate. You’ll receive a colourful certificate you can print and present as your gift. Your recipient will contact Patty to schedule their session(s).

Create Music - Add Joy to Your Life

Contact Patty for more information or to schedule a complementary interview.

Conveniently Located

Patty gives singing lessons and voice coaching at her studio near downtown Calgary. (Parking available.) Convenient to surrounding areas including Airdrie, Okotoks, Strathmore, Chestermere Lake, Cochrane, Black Diamond, Priddis, Dewinton, Bragg Creek, Springbank, Bearspaw, and surrounding areas. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Patty Shortreed MSOD
1219 12 Street SW, Calgary AB CANADA T3C 3W9

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