Patty Shortreed, delivers a live performance.
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  NEW! Singing program created for Albertans with COPD improves lung health.
  NEW! Singing program
created for Albertans with COPD
improves lung health.

Live music is a joy to listen to as well as to create. Whether you prefer to listen or are ready to develop your musical talents, turn to Calgary-based, Patty Shortreed, an accomplished singer, voice coach, and piano teacher. Patty helps musically-minded people have fun and feel good about singing.

With Patty Shortreed, you can:
enjoy singing (and your singing lessons), even learn to perform
learn or expand your piano playing abilities
add elegance to your special event with live music
hear Patty at a live performance or event
enjoy a live concert in your Calgary area home with your friends
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It's Time to Put Yourself First!
Don't spend another day putting everyone else first. Now, it's your turn. Musical expression is a wonderful way to experience peace of mind, joy and freedom. Clients often tell me that, aside from their musical progress, putting themselves first increased their feelings of self confidence and self esteem - which paid dividends in other areas of their lives, too.

Helping you bring the joy of music into your life is an honour Patty looks forward to.

Music is Fun – and Research Shows it Boosts Abilities in Practical Ways, Too
Music is more than fun or entertainment. Research has demonstrated many important benefits of music education. Whether your interest lies in singing, playing an instrument, or music theory, studies show that improving your musical abilities can improve and expand your abilities in other areas of your life: physical, mental, emotional, social and organizational.

Enrich Your Life with Music
If you've "always wanted to…" contact us today and make your dreams come true. It's easier than you think - and wildly more fun and fulfilling.

Give the Gift of Music
Do you know someone who would enjoy singing lessons or who would appreciate a little boost in expressing themselves? Whether it’s for a special occasion (anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Mothers/Fathers day) or simply to support them in a new experience, contact Patty to arrange a custom gift certificate. You’ll receive a colourful certificate you can print and present as your gift. Your recipient will contact Patty to schedule their session(s).

Do You Desire to Speak with Confidence?
If you've ever felt afraid of voicing your ideas or opinions you are not alone. Discover how Patty Shortreed has helped hundreds of leaders, business managers, and "every day" folks become confident expressing themselves.

Patty Shortreed MSOD
1219 12 Street SW, Calgary AB CANADA T3C 3W9

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